• Is Your HOA in Good Standing?

    Learn how to check your association's 'Good Standing' status.

    Learn how to file a current Annual Report with the Secretary of State and avoid the consequences of losing Good Standing status.

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  • California Department of Consumer Affairs

    The California Department of Consumer Affairs offers provides several helpful links to consumer information for residents of Common Interest Developments. They include the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Act, the Office of Attorney General and a publication 'Living in a California Common Interest Development.

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  • Know What's Below - Call Before You Dig

    Learn how one free phone call can help keep your community safe. Many homeowners plant gardens or landscape or engage in other “DIY” home improvement projects while the weather is warm, and each of these activities requires a call to 811. Call 811 before you dig.

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  • Partnership

    Advertise your products and services to thousands of single family, townhome and condominium associations throughout the state. Become a Partner.

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  • Update Your Association's Profile Page

    Keep your association's profile up-to-date so we can better serve you.

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