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Why link to HOA-USA.com??

HOA-USA.com (www.hoa-usa.com) is the official Website of Homeowner Associations USA. Much of the content is free and does not require registration or login. This includes information regarding state laws; FAQ's; Management Company and Partner Directories as well as introductory articles that residents, board members, and industry professionals will find helpful.

How to link to HOA-USA.com

If you would like to offer visitors to your Website an easy link to our Website, we encourage you to add a graphic or text link to Homeowner Associations USA. The HOA-USA linking graphic may be used only to link to the HOA-USA.com Website. We ask that when you link to HOA-USA.com, you do it in an appropriate context and as a service to your Web visitors.

Graphic Link to HOA-USA.com

Simply copy the HTML code below our logo (it starts with "<a href" and ends with "</a>") and paste it anywhere on your Website. It creates a link to Homeowner Associations USA.

<a href="www.hoa-usa.com" target="_blank"><img src="/images/hoausa_100x100.gif" alt="Visit HOA-USA.com" width="100" height="100" border="0" /></a>

Text Link to Describe HOA-USA.com

If you use a text link to the Homeowner Associations USA Website, we suggest the following:

Homeowner Associations USA (www.HOA-USA.com) is an online resource of education, support and referrals for homeowner association residents, boards, and industry professionals.


Placement of the HOA-USA.com linking graphic or text link is to be used only as a marker to the HOA-USA.com home page. A link does not indicate any form of endorsement or approval from Homeowner Associations USA.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions about linking to HOA-USA.com, the use of the HOA-USA.com linking graphic, or want more information about HOA-USA.com, please email us.